These tool enhancements for your portable bandsaws and drills will improve the quality and quantity of your work

(deepcut bandsaw not included)

Tristand Adapter

Model TA-20



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Your bandsaw will make consistent square cuts without the sparks, dust, smell and safety hazards of a chop saw.

 The saw remains portable since it can be snapped in or out of the bracket in less than 5 seconds.

It allows you to operate the saw with one hand leaving the other hand free to control the work piece.

The Drill Bandit attaches to your drill and gives you a powerful assist in drilling operations, especially when drilling multiple holes in heavy metal and/or in difficult locations. Not only can the Drill Bandit do many of the jobs now done by heavy(50 lbs), clumsy and expensive ($1000) mag drills, but it is convenient enough to use in many instances where it just isn't worth messing with the heavy mag drills. Industrial maintenance personnel, construction workers, farmers, mechanics, and equipment installers will find this to be a useful and productive addition to their tool inventory


updated 2/20/14